Nanda & Sat Nam

Nanda and Sat Nam are two spiritual healers that are on a mission to transform the medical systems as we know it. The two friends exchanged ideas on life, health, wealth and adventure. They were both determined to create a system which helped individuals become their greatest versions through accountability and education. Their fervent desire to serve the world with mental, emotional, physical and spritsail healing has brought them across the country into Central America where they are currently creating a healing center and retreat facility.

 Aside from the fact that both men are Pieces, and consider themselves the Yin and Yang of healers, Nanda and Sat Nam both studied psychology during their undergraduate careers. Nanda attended Portland State university in Portland, Oregon and Sat Nam earned his B.A. at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. This is a where the foundation of Think Right derived from. They both understood that the mind could not be separated from speaking about health, movement, nutrition or well-being. 

Both men graduated from The University of Western States with degrees in Chiropractic Medicine. They both have extensive credentials in biomechanics, water fasting, and exercise and sports training.

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Optimal Alignment Health is more than a catchy business name.

Optimal Alignment Health is a real physiologic state of biochemical, biomechanical, and energetic balance.

Peace in the body, mind and spirit.

We have obsessed over creating programs to cultivate holistic homeostasis to share this gift of vibrant life with as many people as possible. This state of being is the number one focus for every individual in our community. We KNOW - on the journey to optimal alignment health and this state of balance, people experience radical life transformation. 

We help people discover what this state of being feels like in every cell of their body so they can experience and radiate the innate brilliance of their authentic self.

The Optimal Alignment Health System is more than a coaching program. It is a transformational program which optimizes the highly intelligent intention of the human body using all available evidence based strategies to expand you into the BEST version of your SELF for permanent transformation. 

‚ÄčAre you ready to create the life with Improved Physical Strength, Improved Mobility, Optimal Health, Sustained Confidence, Abundance, Prosperity, Fulfillment, and Love?

The Optimal Alignment Health System utilizes the physiological and anatomical design of the human body to program optimal information into the cells of your entire system in order to foster optimal movement, energy, function and clarity.

We understand the intentional design of the human body and the lifestyle practices of optimal health. 

We believe people are highly limited by dysfunctional core thoughts, behavior patterns, beliefs, and social conditioning. Our intention is to awaken you to a life lived with full potential so you can BE the creator of your life journey.